Welcome to! It won't be too hard to decipher the purpose of this website:p I am Gargi Sharma and through this platform, I have finally decided to do something about pursuing my passion for writing. Finally, I have gotten out of the ever encompassing bubble of laziness that surrounds me. Finally, I have stopped bickering about how people are only becoming engineers and doctors and leading a materialistic and boring life (no offense). Even though I myself went under the loathe-worthy, panic attack inducing, sleep depriving process of becoming one with the engineering herd. This is me finally taking a step to do something about standing out and thinking out of the box. Or I kind of think that I am.

All of this kickstarted with Travelicious graciously giving me the opportunity to write a travel blog about my little stint in Mcloedganj. You could find it in the travel diaries section. If you'd want to share your own writing experiences or comment something about my blog you could contact me using the contact section. The gallery holds some of the snippets from the places I've blogged about. This online space is not restricted to only travel write-ups. I will talk about anything and everything worth reading. And I will try and induce as much sense as possible in most of the posts.

I have loads of exciting plans for this website! Hope to God/Devil, I have my enthusiasm and energy intact to execute these.

Thanks for visiting!