17842187_1326353200786787_294439257_nWhen you walk out through that door,
Be nervous, but be sure.
The senses that cared are sent to pack.
By now you know,
there’s no turning back.

No one cares when there’s too much to say,
When you cut slack on words,
they wonder if you are okay.
They seem concerned, you seem unrighteous,
And now your feelings struggle with an identity crisis.

They fade to their death and no charges pressed.
Could they survive longer if once caressed?
The unengaged space makes it hard to sustain
No questions asked,
The heart moves in with the brain.
The soul turned red before turning blue,
The scars on its surface mingle with the hue.

What’s left remembers what’s gone,
And you finally decide to move on.
Once you are past that door,
Don’t be nervous, just be sure.
Walk your way through it, unconstrained,
Walk until they upgrade you from detached to untamed.

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