Commemorating Gurgaon’s Cultural Epicentre

I had never been to a theater in my life until the 14th of this January. That visit wasn’t planned either. I read this article in the morning paper about the cessation of this theater in Gurgaon which also happened to be the only art hub in the city. Epicentre had been entertaining Gurgaon for last 9 years. Until that morning, I didn’t know this place existed yet it still broke my heart that it was going to stop existing forever. Well, I get emotional occasionally. Diving deep made me realize that this cultural centre had been the performing stage to International artists and Bollywood biggies like Naseeruddin Shah and Kalki Koechlin. Now, this new gathered information and weekend glee convinced me to pay a visit.

I got tickets for a play performed by a bunch (quite big) of child artists under the name, “Anokha Safar” (Amazing journey). This was a story of 3 kids who found a gadget that made them travel through time. Yeah! like that’s even possible. How could a gadget make you do that? Everyone knows that you need a proper machine that runs on water to make it happen! Just kidding :p . Back to the story, these happy go, lucky kids with the help of this gadget, travel from one era to another. From Mahabharata to the British era, from Chinese thugs in Shangjixu (just made that up!) to Hitler in Germany to Amitabh Bachchan in KBC, these kids experienced everything.

The Mahabharata Sequence
KBC, season something

It was packed with humor, emotional breakouts, dance sequences after every 5 minutes. Even in the most unimaginable situations like this one

You might feel like dancing after spending like some thousand years in a grave!

Yes, they danced with the mummies. No, I won’t tell you the song.

The play got me hooked up from the very beginning. The energy level of the kids kept the audience onboard for the entire adventure. Take a look at this hilarious sequence after first 10 minutes of the show.

If only they had Sunny Leonne back then! The play ended with the kids returning back safely to their present time zone and the show ended with the kids performing the final dance sequence and the audience going gaga over it.

The final performance
That’s my kid :’)

That was my first and last visit to one of the most popular cultural haunt in Delhi-NCR. Epicentre shut down after the expiration of its 9-year lease on 16th January 2017, two days after my visit. It signed off with a theater festival on the most decorated Urdu Poet, Mirza Ghalib. Epicentre regaled its audience with the Ghalib’s perennial words and the golden last day memories of the show. I am glad I was once there!

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